END OF CFS IIUM LIFE (2017-2018)

Assalamualaikum readers.

i'm back on track in 2018 lol it has been 3 years plus plus since my last entry in 2015. so the reason why i'm writing this entry is to share my excitement with my dear readers that i'm done with my 1 year of foundation life in May 2018. for those who don't know, i entered CFS IIUM in June 2017 and finished my foundation in May 2018. to be very honest, it was a very challenging and tough year. i'm not even kidding that i was crying day and night in my first month there since i was homesick as i never stayed at hostel before (in high school). for me, it is kinda hard to adapt with the hostel lifestyle but i'm very grateful that i have Kamilla, Aqar, Erra as my roommates in sem 1 and sem 2 but in sem 3 all foundation students in CFS IIUM Petaling Jaya need to move to IIUM Kuantan and CFS Gambang so the two of us had to move to CFS Gambang and IIUM Kuantan because we're from different course (Aqar and Erra course dentistry, me and Kamilla course medicine). Aqar and Erra to Gambang while me and Kamilla to Kuantan. so we have two new roomies which were Sofiya and Ellya. i couldn't be more grateful that all of my roomies were all awesome that made my foundation life a lot better. love yall.

these are my roommate in sem 1 and sem 2 (anyway, erra is my schoolmate but even i ada schoolmate as roommate, i still homesick because we both tak pernah duduk asrama)

my roommates in sem 3

friendssss ;
my first time pergi rooftop kat CFS PJ

my labmates time sem 1

sisters of section 810 (sem 1)

sisters of section 813 (sem 3)

hehe merasa jugak lah celebrate my 19th birthday kat mahallah talhah (mahallah cfs)

ni time hangout during study week for final exam semester 3

last paper which was Statistics - 12 May 2018 (that day marks the day i finished my foundation in medicine in CFS IIUM) 
my foundation life became a lot brighter and better because of these people! i'm glad you are with me throughout my foundation life. hey, i couldn't survive my foundation life without you guys!! i love you!! we've reached the end of the entry. fyi i will pursue my study in bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery in IIUM (MBBS). the enrolment is just around the corner (26 August 2018). wish me luck dear readers!!

Till then, Assalamualaikum.