Happy Birthday Mama!

Assalamualaikum readers.

My mom and dad is my everything. I love both of them till Jannah. Eventhough sometimes they scold me, I don't really mind because I know, marah tanda sayang. You know exactly right? 

So today is January 26. For sure there's someone wondering, what's wrong with that date? Hehehe. Let me tell you guys. Today, is a very meaningful day to me and my family. Yes, VERY VERY meaningful day. Not because today is my birthday but it is my mom's birthday. I created this entry to wish a Happy Birthday to my beloved Mama.

Mama, thank you for everything. Thank you for your sacrifice to raise me up until I am now fifteen years old. {{not official fifteen}}. Thank you is not enough actually to pay your sacrifice to me. Yes, I have the best MOM in the world. Without you, I'm nothing Mama. You always support me. You never let me down. And I know why, cause you love me.

I will study harder after this. I wanna see you happy to see my successful achievement. Someday, I'll make mama and ayah proud. I want to be a successful and useful person like what you always told me and my siblings. I want to further my studies to overseas. I always remember this, when me and my siblings talk about my cousin who is studying abroad, you always told us "Belajar rajin-rajin nanti boleh sambung belajar kat luar negara macam kak ngah. Mama ngan ayah boleh melawat kakak kat sana." This always made my day.

Once again, Happy Birthday Mama! May Allah bless you always. We all love you forever XD

 USAHA. DOA. TAWAKAL. InsyaAllah berjaya :)
Till then, Assalamualaikum.

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